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Re-elect John Henry, Mayor of Oshawa, October 27 2014

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Welcome - John Henry for Mayor of Oshawa


Like you, I've always been proud to call Oshawa home. We should all be proud of our community, its families, youth, seniors, volunteers and small business people alike — even our elected officials.


But during the previous few Council terms, Oshawa’s residents were often short-changed, embarrassed and treated with contempt by their local politicians. During these years, particularly the 2003-06 term, Oshawa managed to progress in spite of its elected leadership -- a real testament to the self-respect, hard work, ingenuity, and optimism of Oshawa's residents and business community.




Kathy, Jessica, Danielle and John Henry, Kingston, May 2014

By September 2010, Oshawa’s previous Council had reached the point of dysfunction and risked irrelevance. Was it any wonder that over two-thirds of Oshawa residents did not vote in the 2003 or 2006 municipal elections? Given that Oshawa was much more engaged in the 2010 campaign -- and sent a clear message demanding change -- I can confidently say that “all was not lost”.


Hope and opportunity abound in Oshawa. Ours is a community filled with heart, spirit and hope. Oshawa’s citizens, from its earliest pioneers to its newest arrivals, have exemplified themselves as industrious, selfless, and compassionate people.


If re-elected as your mayor, I pledge that a renewed and re-energized Council will redouble its efforts to increase accountability and sound fiscal management, informed decision-making, and cooperation.


Once again, my campaign will not be about running against someone. Rather, I am running for something: Namely, new economic opportunities for Oshawa, particularly its young people, and increased respect for taxpayers' hard-earned funds.


As the current campaign unfolds, I'll be sharing my ideas and several new initiatives aimed at addressing these themes, while also working to ensure that your new Council works even more cooperatively during its next term.


Much hard work lies ahead for Oshawa's next Council. But with your help, I'll continue to work hard at strengthening our City's governance, accountability, and prosperity over the next four years.


I hope we can speak personally over the coming months. Don't hesitate to connect with me by email, telephone (905.410.2419), or through Facebook or Twitter.


With sincere thanks,



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Facebook - Re-elect John Henry, Mayor of Oshawa   Vimeo - Re-elect John Henry, Mayor of Oshawa   Twitter - Re-elect John Henry, Mayor of Oshawa


Visit John's campaign office at

1 Warren Ave, Oshawa

One block East of King St W and Park Rd

in the Bulk Barn plaza


Office hours

Mon to Fri: Noon to 8pm

Sat: 11am to 5pm

Sun: 12pm to 5pm


Tel: 905.410.2419




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